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Ammo Cans: Military metal dry boxes for weapons recycled and used for dry storage by rafters.

Groovers: People who get grooves from shitting on Ammo Cans

Swampers: Rafters & guides who volunteer on rafting trips to raft.

08.23.08: Guides: TaraM, ErikB, DaveT, & JustinL

08.16.08: S.I.N. Guides: TyT, LaurenB, DaveT, Daniel, JustinL

08/25-26/07: DeFrank Center: Ty, Dave, Frank, Phil, Lon, Ashley, RJ
07/21-22/07: Bay Positives: Hwaters Staff: AllisonC, AnnyH, Dwayne A,ElisebethR, LisaF, JasonV, TyT, Paul, Rico


Julia(Spaceman Spiff), Me( Hunter S. Thompson), & Elizebeth in front