hi i'm justin

I am an aspiring artist that works in clay and canvas while professionally pursuing a career in Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Aid work. 

I currently serve as the program manager and outreach coordinator for the Alternatives to Violence Project California. Our work focuses on restorative justice, conflict resolution, reintegration and violence reduction. I support programs within CDCR prisons and communities across the Northern Sacramento Valley and Sierra Cascade Region

In another life I served as the associate research for the Rapid Response Support Unit at the UNDP's Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery. During this time I was the technical manager for the expert roster and supported research for UN Country Office intervention and recovery plans in the Central African Republic, Mali, and the Philippines. 

In my spare time I am a white water rafting guide and work with an organization that connects HIV/AIDS+ communities with wilderness adventures. 

say hi if you have any questions.